Calling All Professionals, High Achievers & Freelancers who want to stop worrying about the next job!

Firstly thank you for stumbling across my website...I would really like to show you HOW I can help YOU. I am a firm believer in over delivering and you will see from this guide, (well the guide you may want to download that is - it’s SO much more than just a guide, this is a Toolkit, which really will help YOU to get hired.)

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Executives or High Achievers Freelancers who want to stop worrying about where their next job will come from

Forget the DIY approach

I’m a firm believer that the DIY Job Search approach is really not the best way to find your next opportunity. The DIY approach means learning through trial and error which obviously takes up your valuable time. In the meantime you could be missing out on your ideal job because somebody else, who was much better prepared than you has beaten you to it. They fast-tracked themselves and quickly learnt what they needed to know from an expert with tried and tested methods in order to pip you to the post!

In my guide , I will not only teach you the basics of Job Search and Interviewing, I will show you how to become the ‘Go to Person’ for your niche, field or industry. Understanding your Unique Selling Point and creating yourself as an expert WILL get opportunities coming to you. Don’t worry introverts this is not a one size fits all type of approach, my advice is bespoke and I cater for you as well.

Why YOU want this!

A series of 4 FREE videos which will show you how to leverage LinkedIn and get it working for you (even whilst you’re asleep!)

LinkedIn plays a huge role these days in getting you hired and getting you found – remember it’s much more than just a pretty online profile, it’s a global database of potential contacts and opportunities. I’ve included a series of 4 FREE videos that will show you how to give your LinkedIn profile some much needed TLC and a spruce up! I will also answer that dreaded question for you “Is it really worth forking out for LinkedIn Premium and paying that monthly fee?”

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Create a cohesive Job Strategy – ending the ad hoc approach to job search

OK admit it, your job search strategy is based on whatever you feel like doing at the time, it’s ad hoc to say the least. If as I suspect, you’ve not created an actual strategy at all, well let’s change this for you. In the guide (needs link) I will show you a detailed flowchart of exactly what you need to do to get hired, I leave no stone unturned!

Most people create a one way funnel in terms of getting hired – that is they do all the hard work and apply for job after job, completing application after application – there is another way. I will show you why you need to create a two way funnel so you actually START getting opportunities coming to you.

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Discover the top ten mistakes you are making on LinkedIn and on your CV or Résumé


As a Career Coach I’ve seen many CVs/Resumes including the good, the bad and the ugly. Many mistakes appear time and time again and this is why I have created my top ten list of the errors that you’re probably making – so let me show you how to go from a C average CV to an A* and how to wow any Recruiter or Hiring Manager!

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How to end procrastination; learn to move forward even when you’re stuck!


Not much more that I can say about this except that the title is fairly explanatory and it does what it says on the tin!

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