Make money when you’re not working!

The Affiliate Scheme

If there are clients in your network that you think would benefit from the LinkedIn Success Academy or the 7 Day CV Challenge, you can earn a 50/50 split of the sale! We understand that your clients' success is key to your long-term relationships, credibility, and reputation and that's why we make it a priority to support you with the resources and information you need to help them see the benefits of these services.

Services offered....

The LinkedIn Success Academy in a nutshell, is is an online course designed to help you leverage LinkedIn in a more effective way. It recognises that most profiles are 'vanilla', or average, and that you need to Get Noticed, To Get Hired. It also comes with a 20 minute 1-2-1 strategy session to help you move forward in your job search. Additionally, you will receive a free Creative CV Template and email scripts designed to get a response from people (who you may not even know), with one goal: to get you HIRED. The cost is £60 and you can get immediate access here.

The 7 Day CV Challenge in a nutshell, is aimed at students and graduates to develop the best CV possible by showing step by step examples of how to create a killer CV.  It also comes with a Creative CV Template, a free 4 video series on how to leverage LinkedIn and a private Facebook group to ask questions to create the best CV possible. Interested in getting involved?  Let’s talk, drop us a line.

Additional Revenue Stream

It’s super simple to set up (once it done, it’s done) think of it as an additional revenue stream but without any work.

Trackable (clear & transparent)

Trackable links to use in your marketing, it's so easy to see what you earn.

24/7 Access

24/7 access to an online portal which clearly shows exactly how much you earn. Fully clear & transparent.

Marketing made simple...

Marketing made simple - whether it's email scripts or banners, you can use them all on your site and they are all trackable.

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