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I can teach YOU how to get hired & build you as the "Go to person" so you never have to apply for a job again!

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By the way this guide is a little different!

Get ready to read, reflect, listen and watch! Translation: this is a Multimedia document so you should expect to be clicking on links, reflecting and watching videos as you make your way through. Don’t skip these parts as you want to get hired – don’t you!

Ditch the Old School...

You deserve to get HIRED (full stop!) You're great at your job, but you've realised this is no longer enough...I'm creating a movement to SHOW YOU there is a better way!

  • 1

    Break those 4 walls & get companies chasing YOU!

    You’re great at your job but unless your reputation transcends the 4 walls where you work; you’re always going to be stuck back at square 1 when you next want to get hired! Break the cycle and build the like, know, trust factor before you get to that stage!

  • 2

    Treat yourself as a Business!

    Recognise that you only get hired because you can solve an employer’s problem! Treat yourself as a business and a brand, and create your resume/CV and LinkedIn profile with this in mind!

  • 3

    The Money is your Message!

    End the Vanilla status, stop the carbon copy. It’s time to become real and not just nonsensical paraphrasing on a longwinded CV/Resume. Say goodbye to boring buzzwords; writing that you are a ‘forward thinking, hands-on, think out of the box employee won’t get you anywhere. Let's stop sending the Hiring Manager to sleep!

  • 4

    Create a Cohesive Job Search Strategy and bin the ad hoc approach!

    A CV/Resume is NOT a job search strategy (honestly!) Imagine knowing exactly what you need to do each day in order to get you hired and how to build that two-way approach where interested companies are coming to YOU. Ditch the old school, the DIY approach, learning via trial and error just won't cut it!

  • Learn how to redundant proof your job.

  • Stop going round & round in circles (& get a clear cohesive strategy to nail this job search game!)

  • YOU DO need to learn that filling out job applications and resumes are NOT the only way to go!

I will teach you how to get hired  - but what I am REALLY teaching you is how to never have to apply for a job again - now that's priceless!